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God's Mercy Ministries Uganda is a community based Organisation located in Kassanda district Uganda East Africa. The Organisation started up in 2013. The idea of initiating God's Mercy Ministries Uganda was born in 2013 ,and started by Mr. Bazanye Isaac and Mr.Ssendiwala Julius with a burning desire of helping and supporting the critically vulnerable children , aged , single mothers ,illiterates ,unemployed youths , More drastic preparations were however done in 2014 , which included raising capital , identifying the venue and informing the public of the venture .The ministry started fighting for the needy children (orphans) in may 2013.This was an inspiration from the community who cried to the founders to help keep orphans in one ministry .These children mainly came from guardians and streets of Kassanda town . Currently ,we have fourty two (42) complete orphans. God's Mercy Ministries Uganda is for the less previledged who can hardly have basic life neccesities such as education services, hygienic tools, health services, shelter, mention but a few