We Provide Charity Services to the community since 2013

God's mercy ministries Uganda is a Non-Government Organisation started up in 2013 with an aim of fighting against illiteracy and improve on the well being of children in Uganda . The idea for establishment of God's Mercy Ministries Uganda,as a community based Organisation was initiated by number of individuals such as Bazanye Isaac ,Ssendiwala Julius, Nassanga Madinah,Nkugwa Joseph, Wagumba moriss, Ssembuya Frank Kelly with a burning desire of helping and supporting the critically vulnerable children ,the aged ,single mothers illiterates widowers  and the unemployed youths with a comprehensive, effective and quality services. And this was determined by a series of activities carried out by members of the above organisations such as outreach clinics, setting up boreholes and feeding the children.God's Mercy Ministries Uganda is a place where all orphans, less privileged and street children are free from physical, emotional and spiritual torture with hope for today and tomorrow



Welcome to God's mercy ministries Uganda we are located in kassanda-Mityana Uganda. You are all most welcome Let's create a lasting change and empower communities build a brighter future



Did you know that 1$ can provide a child with a healthy snack .
By donating at God's Mercy Organisation , you can help provide nourishment for children in Uganda and give them the education resources they need during the critical time to keep their minds


Critical Condition

Thanks everyone for your support towards our ministry we appreciate thanks but we still need help for food and mask because here in Uganda we are in total lockdown any help towards helping the starving children is welcomed and appreciated may God bless you abundantly amen


Our Projects

Help multifarious people with your little donations. Go Through Our projects GOD'S MERCY MINISTRIES UGANDA


Clean water project

Almost a quarter of people across Uganda do not have access to clean water and over 79% do not have adequate sanitation any help is welcomed and appreciated May God bless you all


Education Project

God's mercy Ministries Uganda provides education services to the community in primary, secondary and Tertiary training for the children and we still need help any help is appreciated and welcomed each penny is valued thanks may God bless you all


The Feeding Project

God's Mercy Ministries Uganda provides basic needs like food, water, clothing, scholastic materials and other basic needs to the community and thanks for your help and more help is still needed God bless you all


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Help The Vulnerable

Supporting African children by raising money for ideal cause, including medical bills, education, help and awesome donation causes.

Empowering the Helpless Children

Together we can improve and change their lives


You Can Help The Poor

A penny is a lot of money, if you have not got a penny



Our Mission

Giving orphans, less previledged, single mothers, and the elderly a safe home to stay and hope for the future


Become A Volunteer

Join your hands with us for a better life and beautiful brighter future



Our most esteemed donors, we are so grateful for our donors who keep supporting us



Our Vision

To grant wishes that give hope to children, youth, elderly and single mothers in Kassanda district and Uganda at large


God's mercy ministries Team


Wagumba Moriss

Assistant Secretary 

As the Assistant Secretary of God's mercy ministries Uganda and the secretary of L.C 1 region it makes me happy seeing people helping others ,when I saw God's mercy ministries Uganda helping the people of the region it made me happy and I decided to join  


Nassanga Madinah

Health Co-ordinator

Nassanga Madinah,I love the work God's mercy ministries Uganda does to the community ,As the Health Cordinator ,I have the love and heart of supporting the vulnerable because of the pain which orphans and the needy pass through,I felt touched and I came to know that the needy should be loved and given which makes them happy


Ssendiwala Julius


I am the C.E.O of God's mercy ministries Uganda, I have a degree in Human Resource Management and a degree in Mass Communication. Immediately after my studies I went back to kassanda and I saw that the people needed help like the orphans and the elderly 


Nkugwa Joseph

Sponsorship Co-ordinator 

I am Nkugwa Joseph  the sponsorship Cordinator of God's mercy ministries uganda. Here at God's mercy ministries Uganda we are driven by a single goal of doing our part in making the world a better place for all. We strive to build productive relationship and make a positive Impact with all our pursuits.


Ssembuya Frank Kelly

Educations Co-ordinator

I am the Educations Cordinator of God's mercy ministries Uganda i grew up as an orphan and I faced a lot of hardships in my education during childhood. I joined God's mercy ministries Uganda after a call from my friend Bazanye Isaac and informed me about God's mercy ministries Uganda where by I liked the work they do and felt touched. This made me join the ministry.


Bazanye Isaac

General Co-ordinator / secretary (manager)

I am the General secretary of God's mercy ministries Uganda ,I pursued a diploma in secretarial studies immediately after my high school where later I went back to upgrade for a degree. I am seriously excited about my involvement in God's mercy ministries Uganda. Helping some one selflessly and seeing that you can be a value to some one, it's satisfying 


Kaggwe Noah

Children Co-ordinator 

As the Children Cordinator at God's mercy ministries Uganda ,I am excited about my involvement in the ministry. I have the heart and love of supporting the orphans, the lame, the poor, any other class of vulnerables.


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